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High Visibility

High Visibility

Listings are published on RVCRAZY, On-Facebook Marketplace & Other sites reaching millions of buyers. With a nationally recognized brand, we rank high on search engines feeding you the best opportunity to recieve leads for your RV.

Less Hassle

Less Hassle

Your ad may contain unlimited information, up to 36 photos and the ability to update your ad as often as you’d like. You will get calls or emails from informed and seriously interested buyers.



From your dashboard you can see how your RV lisitng is perfoming. You will see how many times your ad has been viewed and how many calls or email inquiries your ad has received from potential buyers.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

No Monthly Fees, No Commissions. Pay only once. Your ad runs until your RV is sold. Renew your ad FREE every 60 days. This is our promise to every seller on RVCRAZY!

Sell Your RVs

Your Listing Will Gain Maximum Exposure & Reach Millions of Buyers.

Our ads get amazing exposure to the masses looking to buy an RV. We make it extremely easy to upload photos, videos, and publish your RV listing on RVCrazy. Better yet, we take your listing and publihs on our on-Facebook Marketplace Ad feed and other listing sites.

RVCrazy Listing Costs

How much does it cost to List My RV? Your listing fees are based upon the RV list price. For example, if your RV is listed for $40,000. Your listing fee is a one time $45, & renew FREE until sold.

List Your RV For Sale Check Your RVs Worth

RV list price One-time fee | Runs until sold
$0 — $10,000 $19
$10,001 — $30,000 $29
$30,001 — $75,000 $45
$75,001 — $150,000 $59
$150,001 + $69
  Remember: That's a one-time fee. Your RV is good until sold. Renews FREE every 60 days.
5 Ways to Make Your RVMore Attractive to Potential Buyers

5 Ways to Make Your RV More Attractive to Potential Buyers

What Is The Value Of My RV

What Is The Value Of My RV


How much is your RV worth?

This is the most important question when deciding to list your RV for sale. Have confidence in knowing your RV starting price when creating your listing.

RVCrazy provides you the best RV Valuation tool with data from the largest database of historical sale prices. And best of all, there is no extra fee! The small report fee you pay up front is credited to your account so you can apply it to your RV listing.

RV Selling Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is: there is no perfect answer, but statistics do show that the best time to sell an RV is between mid-winter months to early summer (February to June) with spring usually bringing a slightly better price.

The bottom line is - Set your price right! Do your research, look online for similar RVs to yours - Where is it located - Are there extras - Look at the engine hours - Does it come with a trailer.

Then compare all the data you have gathered and be honest with yourself and remember, what you owe on your RV has nothing to do with its retail value. A great way to ensure your RV is priced correctly is by using the RVcrazy valuation tool. Positive first impressions are vital. Have your RV prepared to sell - Make sure the vehicle runs well - Clear off any personal items - and generally make it presentable.

Just as you would sell a car under the same circumstances, it is the same when you sell an RV. You must receive enough from the buyer to pay off your existing loan, otherwise, he won't be able to receive the title and you will be liable for any balance left unpaid.

As the name suggests, Facebook Marketplace has lots of things for sale, including RVs, and as the listings are public, they can be seen by just about anyone in Marketplace and in Newsfeed, depending on their setting.

Because Marketplace is a free site to place your RV, it makes sense to list it, but because you are competing with other categories, it shouldn’t be your only source, advertising your RV in as many places as possible will help you to sell it quicker.
The best option is for a website that gives you all you need in one place. RVCrazy not only gives you a listing on our site, we also include it onto Facebook Marketplace, giving you the maximum exposure to potential buyers.

If you want to sell your RV quickly and for the best price, then you should place your RV for sale online. As most RV shoppers browse before making a purchase, your RV will be seen by thousands of potential buyers.

Before you list your RV on a website, you need to ask yourself:

  • How much exposure will this website give me?
  • How many visitors per day does this website attract?
  • Is there a fee associated with posting your RV for sale?

These valid questions will help you determine if a particular website is the right choice for your RV.
Many websites require you to have a broker who typically collects a commission after the sale, or the website doesn't have a “For sale by owner” section, all which could cost you more in the long run. Some websites have a high monthly fee for posting your vehicle for sale, at RVCrazy, there is a one time low fee, and no charges for renewing your Ad. We also have thousands of RV buyers every week, looking to buy your RV, all you have to do is list it!

With our flexible, one-time low fee starting at $19 (RV values up to $10,000) and $69 (RV values 150,000 plus) your listing will be good until sold, renewing free every 60 days.

We also place your listing on Facebook Marketplace so you’ll have all the exposure needed reaching millions of buyers looking for RVs. Plus, with no monthly fees or commissions, like other websites, you will sell your RV fast!

Like other websites, we don’t believe in “The higher price you pay, the more your listing gets exposure” We go by the value of your RV alone! There are no monthly fees and no commissions. You pay only once and your ad runs until your RV is sold.

It is also very simple to list your RV on RVCrazy, and your Ad will be up in minutes. Your ad may contain unlimited information, up to 36 photos or videos and you can update your ad as often as you’d like. You can also auto publish your ad to the Facebook Marketplace. Our ads get amazing exposure to buyers who are looking to buy a RV.

Online RV marketplaces are an excellent way to get your RV in front of local buyers quickly. Other methods should not be overlooked, either, like placing a for sale sign on your RV or displaying it at public locations around your town. Flyers and newspaper advertising tends to be a little dated now.

Owners often have an emotional attachment to their vehicles, and sentimental value can stand in the way of the RVs true market value. Making a true assessment of your RVs value takes honesty.

Do your research, look online for similar RVs to yours, also:

  • Where is it located
  • Are there extras and upgrades
  • Regular service and maintenance of your vehicle
  • Look at the engine mileage
  • Does it come with a trailer
  • What is the history of your sevice records

To help you price your RV right, RVcrazy has two great tools to help you. The Valuation Tool, helps you ensure your RV is priced correctly and a Vehicle History report, available when you list with us, gives you a complete history of your RV.

Knowing how to sell an RV is easy when you know the factors that buyers will judge your listing by. There are many factors; the quality of your photos, where the vehicle is located, the condition of the RV, the time of the year. But the most important factor is the price. Buyers want value for money, so the price of your vessel will always be the biggest selling influence!

Are you a dealer looking to advertise your listings?

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