Our listing fees start as low as $19, and range up to $69. All of our listing services are a ONE TIME FEE only to the RV seller.

No Listing Expiration Date

With over 17 million RV owners in the U.S. alone, we hope that you can see the value in an affiliate partnership with RVCrazy.com


The Process

  •  You simply sign up for our program, and place one of our very attractive RVCrazy.com brand banners on your website and in your outbound email marketing or newsletter. It's just that simple!
  •  Any time an RV owner clicks on your banner and lists their RV for sale, you will receive 20% of the listing fee.

Have any Questions?

See if you are a good fit for a RVCrazy affiliate account, please read through the questions below.

  • In an ideal scenario, you have a website that is in some way connected to the Recreational Vehicle industry.

  • You will earn a 20% commission on anyone who visits RVCrazy from your affiliate URL.

  • We track, deliver a report and pay each affiliate on the 2nd of each month.

  • Yes, you can use RVCrazy advertisements, social media posts, video and any form of banner ads to drive traffic to your affiliate url.

  • 20% commission

  • affiliate tracking urls

  • PayPal monthly payouts

Start Earning Now on RVCrazy

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