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Enjoy the Van Life.

Traveling in an RV is a great way to explore the world, but not all RVs are created equal. If you're looking for a more compact option, Class B motorhomes may be just what you need. These types of recreational vehicles come in the shape of vans or small buses and are designed for shorter trips.

Most Class Bs come equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, microwaves, refrigerators, and TVs. And while they may be smaller than other models, they still have plenty of space with comfortable sleeping areas and storage compartments.

Class B Motorhomes or campervans offer the perfect combination of size, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency. They are nimble enough to navigate through congested cities yet capable enough for more off-the-beaten tracks - allowing you to explore remote areas in style!

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Class B recreational vehicle, consider these top Class B Manufacturers:

Leisure Travel, Airstream, Winnebago, Storyteller Overland, Regency RV, Pleasure Way, and Coachmen.

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Class B RVs FAQ

What is the average lifespan of a Class B Motorhome?

The average lifespan of a Class B motorhome is around 15-20 years, or 200,00 miles, depending on maintenance and usage. Regular maintenance and upkeep are key to ensuring your van runs smoothly and remains reliable for many years to come.

The price of a Class B motorhome can vary based on the make, model, and features included. Generally, they range in price from $60,000 to over $240,000 for the more luxurious models. At there are plenty of new and used Class B Campervans to choose from.

Ranging from 18 to 24 feet in length, the Class B motorhome is an RV, but is more commonly referred to as a camper van. These smaller models are designed on a van chassis, making them ideal for maneuvering into tight spaces.

Yes, many Class B motorhomes come with bathrooms that include toilet, sink, and storage, but they are usually very small.

The speed of a Class B campervan varies depending on its engine size and weight, as well as other factors like wind resistance. Generally, Class B campervans can reach speeds up to 65 mph but may go slower if the terrain is rough or there are heavy winds. Drivers should always follow posted speed limits and maintain a safe, appropriate speed while driving.

Driving a Class B campervan is not fundamentally different from driving other vehicles. Of course, since most Class B campers are larger than average and may have more weight while towing, they do require some extra caution when handling. Drivers should practice in an empty lot or test out their skills on short trips before taking longer journeys.

The gas mileage for a Class B RV will depend on its size and weight, as well as the type of engine. On average, Class B campers get between 18-25 mpg; this number can be lower or higher depending on the specific vehicle and driving conditions.