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We know when it comes to transporting your RV, you want the safest transport at the best rate. With our partners, you can find just that! We’ll help you figure out how to transport an RV, help you find reliable transporters at the best rates, and give you tips on preparing your RV for transport. If the road gets bumpy, we’re here to navigate you back on course with your RV transport.

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RV Shipping - RV Transport

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RV Shipping - RV Transport

How to Prepare a RV For Shipping

There are a couple of things you can do to prepare your RV for towing and ensure a successful transport. This includes securing any loose items and taking precautions to avoid travel damage.

Before dismantling anything on your RV, take photos so that you have something to reference when reassembling the RV after the transport. Then, remove all personal items from your RV.

Clean your RV’s exterior and inspect for any damages. It is also advised that you have it inspected by a licensed surveyor.

  • Pick a loading spot that has a 14′ clearance.
  • Secure all loose gear above and below deck.
  • Close, secure, and seal any hatches.
  • Latch and tape cabin windows from the outside.
  • Drain fuel and water tanks.
  • Remove any drain plugs from the hull.
  • Disconnect batteries, and secure the cables away from it.
  • Measure your RV to ensure it is within the legal loaded height.